How to Actually Farm Ultra Rare Ayleid Plans in ESO

There are thousands of recipes in the Elder Scrolls Online, both food and drink – and furnishing plans. The latter of these are often notoriously difficult to farm out, but there is one type that boasts the highest rarity in the game.

Ayleid furnishing plans.

Ayelid Bookshelf

There are eight of them that can be crafted from collectible plans (and more still available for purchase in the Housing Editor of your house, and area vendors):

  • Ayleid Brazier, Welkynd Holder (Blue)
  • Ayleid Bench, Carved (Blue)
  • Ayleid Table, Carved (Blue)
  • Ayleid Bookcase, Cluttered (Purple)
  • Ayleid Bookcase, Filled (Purple)
  • Ayleid Bookshelf, Bare (Purple)
  • Ayleid Bookshelf, Cluttered (Purple)
  • Ayleid Brazier, Fiery (Purple)

These are so rare, there are rumours that they actually never drop. I can happily disprove that, having farmed out all of the blues and one of the purples thus far. You, too, absolutely can if you have some time, patience, and the knowledge of how to go about it.

Farming an Ayleid Ruin


Ayleid plans only drop from enemies in Ayleid ruins. My greatest success has come from the Ayleid public dungeons, because the mobs spawn very quickly in there, and there tends to be a good path to follow.

You can also buy the staple home, Black Vine Villa, for 54k gold (or 2,250 Crowns), and have a quick and free transport to the adjacent Black Vine Ruins delve in Malabal Tor.

Speed, Efficiency, and the Right DPS

First and foremost, you should work hard NOT to cut through the mobs too quickly. I see other people in there attempting to aggro all of the enemies in several big pulls, like Skyreach, likely assuming that this “efficiency” will yield more drops.

They are wrong.

The more drops you get, the more chances of getting an Ayleid plan.

In fact, you need to take a character with plenty of AOE damage abilities, but NOT your trials DPS. You actually want to take a minute, pick up all the nodes, grab all the chests and heavy sacks. The faster you go, the less loot you’ll get. Every time you pick up just gold (or worse, nothing) from a mob, you’ll know you’re going too fast. Slow down. It pays off.

I personally favour either my templar healer, or my Easy-Mode Pet Sorc build.

As a side note, farming ruins makes great gold when done slowly. I often walk away with an easy 100k. The merchant and banker are 100% necessary for efficiently farming these plans, though, just to offload.

Another tip: Bring repair kits. You get them for free when doing max level crafting dailies on CP characters, or, if you search, you can buy them cheaply at guild traders.

Kill Literally Everything

I mean the lone ghost floating around by himself, the bosses, the inconvenient guy all the way in the corner. Again, take your time. Resist the urge to pull things to the next boss.

The only exception is the public event. I usually leave this out because – not only are people coming in specifically to complete it – it rarely drops any loot at all. Easier just to skip.

Killing Ayleid mobs.

Be Patient

In a public dungeon or delve, the instance is open, and that means you’ll rarely be fully alone. If random players come in, leave the bosses up one time around, or stop for a repair break. And if someone kills your mobs, just keep going until things fall back into rhythm.


Don’t go farming public dungeons on the weekend. It’s horribly frustrating. Off-peak hours work best.

Go Alone

Resist the urge to go in a group. The more people there are with you, the fewer plans that drop. I’ve proven this with my friends’ help. Even a group of two cuts through mobs too quickly to be efficient. I’d previously spent several fruitless hours trying to farm in a small group, without ANY success. They left, and I started getting drops again.

Seek out a New Instance

You can easily seek out a fresh instance of wherever you are by travelling away to another player (preferably in the same zone, but not necessarily). Go to your guild roster, sort by location, and travel for free.

When you return, often times you’ve been placed in a different instance.

If you HAVE to stay in an occupied instance, try to follow your fellow player’s pulls. As long as you get your DOTs down, you’ll get drops.

Expected Frequency of Drops

Even if you have terrible RNG like me (and I mean, mine is actually notorious), you can expect about one blue plan every two hours, and one purple plan for every ten hours of farming.

Take Breaks

When not having much luck with farming Ayleid plans, I find logging out, having a break (either AFK, or playing another character), and then logging back in tends to help.

Stay out of the Urns

For housing plan aficionados, this is a tall order. But after so long of getting trash drops, your chances of a purple plan start to rise. I can’t tell you how many times I stop, take a break, and spot an urn – only to get a normal purple recipe.

Purple furnishing plans.

Once you’ve gotten a purple furnishing plan, you’re not likely to get another anytime soon. So it’s best to focus your efforts on Ayleid plans, which drop specifically from enemies, if that’s what you’re after.

The plans CAN theoretically drop from any urn or backpack in Ayleid ruins; however, I don’t like to tempt fate in there, because it could be a normal purple drop. Which has happened. And it sucked.

What are your tips for farming Ayleid plans?

Also check out general tips for how to farm furnishing plans. And if you’re looking for a housing guild, be sure to check out Cottages and Courtyards on the Xbox 1 NA server!

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