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Preview the 49 Anticipated NEW Furnishing Plans Arriving with Drop of ESO’s Markarth DLC

For console players, on 10 November, 2020, the Markarth DLC is scheduled to drop for the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). With it, there are an anticipated 49 brand new plans (a mix of Reachman and Dwarven style), which – thanks to PTS, we can preview in all their glory.

Note that there are 52 images in the Imgur gallery to show different angles on a few pieces!

In case anyone wants to copy and paste, I left the colours marked at the end of each plan, since that won’t carry over on most platforms. Or check out the downloadable PDF at the end of the article.

Anticipated New Markath Plans in ESO

Reachman Plans


  • Blueprint: Reachman Pergola, Ivy (blue)
  • Blueprint: Reachman Chandelier, Shaded (blue)
  • Blueprint: Reachman Chandelier, Gnarled (purple)

Total: 3

Grand total new Reachman Plans: 3

Dwarven Plans


  • Diagram: Dwarven Candlestick, Polished (green)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Mug, Polished (green)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Plate, Polished (green)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Cooking Implements, Hanging (blue)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Chair, Ornate Polished (blue)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Pot, Polished (blue)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Potted Plant, Polished Vase (blue)
  • Digram: Dwarven Relief, Tracks (blue)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Strainer, Kitchen (blue)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Table Lamp, Polished Dome (blue)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Amphora, Ornate Polished (purple)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Brazier, Square Polished (purple)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Corner Bench, Ornate Polished (purple)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Desk, Ornate Polished (purple)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Divider, Ornate Polished (purple)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Kettle, Ornate Polished (purple)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Lamp, Conal Frustum Cage (purple)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Lamp, Cylinder Cage (purple)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Low Table, Ornate Polished (purple)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Pew, Ornate Polished (purple)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Relief, Connected Circles (purple)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Sideboard, Granite Polished (purple)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Table, Grand Polished (purple)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Trunk, Ornate Polished (purple)
  • Diagram: Dwarven Wardrobe, Ornate Polished (purple)

Total: 25


  • Pattern: Dwarven Bed, Reach Furs (blue)
  • Pattern: Dwarven Bed, Reach Furs Canopy (purple)
  • Pattern: Dwarven Bed, Reach Furs Double (purple)

Total: 3


  • Praxis: Dwarven Corner Shelf, Granite (green)
  • Praxis: Dwarven Bench, Ornate Granite (blue)
  • Praxis: Dwarven Bookcase, Granite (blue)
  • Praxis: Dwarven Divider, Ornate Granite (blue)
  • Praxis: Dwarven Dresser, Granite (blue)
  • Praxis: Dwarven End Table, Columnar Granite (blue)
  • Praxis: Dwarven Nightstand, Granite (blue)
  • Praxis: Dwarven Table, Granite (blue)
  • Praxis: Dwarven Table, Granite Kitchen (blue)
  • Praxis: Dwarven Wall Cabinet, Granite (blue)
  • Praxis: Dwarven Bookcase, Granite Filled (purple)
  • Praxis: Dwarven Counter, Granite (purple)

Total: 12


  • Sketch: Dwarven Cage, Polished Specimen (blue)
  • Sketch: Dwarven Mirror, Polished (blue)

Total: 2


  • Design: Dwarven Dinner Bowl, Hearty Stew (blue)
  • Design: Dwarven Plate, Full Breakfast (blue)
  • Design: Dwarven Serving Dish, Vegetable Soup (purple)

Total: 3


  • Blueprint: Dwarven Wall Lamp, Reachfolk Adorned (blue)

Total: 1

Grand total new Dwarven Plans: 46


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